Billionaire Guide on Zara’s Marketing Strategies

Girls and boys who spend hours shopping Zara, but have you ever realized why do you spend so much time and money without any hesitation. Let’s see what all marketing strategies Zara’s used to retaining all their customers…


Zara is a Spanish based fashion retailer established in 1975 by Amancio Ortega and RosalĂ­a Mera. Zara is also the world’s largest retailer and has an Inditex group under it. Today we’ll discuss how the brand went on to be the biggest fashion retailers in the world. Ratan Tata and the group got Zara in India. As of 2018, their annual revenue was 25.34 billion euros.

Zara’s marketing strategies

one of Zara's marketing strategies is opening outlets.

Retail Marketing

Ortega doesn’t waste his revenue on advertising but on opening a store. They have more than 6500 outlets all over the world. Zara is very particular about their store location as they always open next to an elite branded shop. They usually try to convey that their customers can be stylish without spending a large amount of money.

wide range of clothes in Zara

Wide Choice Of Range

Zara launches more than 12,000 designs a year which makes a customer shop more at a lower cost no matter what season. They don’t invest a lot of time in designing according to recent trends as they believe customers buy and dump them after a certain period of time

Zara's warehouse


Zara’s warehouse is 10 times bigger than Amazon’s warehouse. All of us know how huge Amazon’s stock fulfillment houses are but Zara is 10 times bigger so they can full-fill the 48 hours delivery commitment.

Zara's new arrival in outlets

New arrivals are showcased in front

When you walk in Zara the expensive and new arrivals are usually showcased in front because the fashion designers believe customers fall right away and buy them.

Zara's accessories

Accessories are usually placed adjacent to each other

Unlike other fashion brands, Zara places shoes and bags adjacent to clothes making the customer’s job easier in selecting accessories to go with that outfit.

New catalogues in Zara


Have you ever seen an advertisement from Zara? They spend money on new catalogs and window signages.

sale in Zara

Zara’s promotional offers

Zara before season sale, they fill their stores with the old collection and new arrivals will be hard to find. Using tags like limited, grab this before makes the customer spend big.


Their success was directly related to them understanding the needs of their customers regarding price and fashion. Zara’s marketing strategies helped them position themselves better than their competitors.

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