What Makes Viral Marketing Go Viral?

Most of us see the same videos again and again why? Why do people share it again and again? This a form of marketing wherein an organization releases a video that tends to go viral and people to replicate it. Many challenges are just popularised for fun like the Kiki challenge or bottle cap challenge. But viral marketing is based on pure luck, not all videos get viral.

Creativity and presentation play an important role if you want people to viral your advertisement. So we’ll learn in detail what is Viral Marketing, Advantages, Disadvantages and Some examples of viral marketing.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing is a business strategy used by an organization to make their product go viral and spread throughout social media. It can spread mouth to mouth or shared on social media. How it works is if a company posts a particular video on a platform like Youtube, it is then shared on social media by people and made viral. Viral Marketing can do wonder for business but it can also be misinterpreted or parodied by viewers.

The first company that got viral marketing was Hotmail,

Why they went viral

  1. The first time you could sign up for free.
  2. Every message you sent tagged Get Your Private, Free email at Hotmail.com.
  3. Others signed up.

Advantages of Viral Marketing

  1. The Internet is easily accessible nowadays not like the olden times and everyone uses at least one social platform.
  2. It is a comparatively cheaper way of promoting your product than advertising it on a television
  3. Time and resources are easily available. If your brand has a social message it automatically spreads in family groups and friends.
  4. As a marketer, it tests your creativity and how well you are able to communicate your message to your viewers.

Disadvantages of Viral Marketing

  1. Once the video is released it cannot be controlled.
  2. If your audience won’t share or respond it could be a waste of time and money.
  3. Messages or meaning from that advertisements could be misinterpreted.
  4. Some people get turned off by Viral Marketing or get irritated as they see it everywhere because it’s being shared by millions of people.

Strategies For Your Product To Go Viral

  1. Target appropriate audience
  2. Try to provide content with the brand message
  3. Get people to emotionally bond with your product
  4. Be unique and think outside the box.
Content going viral and being shared

Examples of Viral Marketing

Alexa by Amazon
How can we forget the famous super bowl commercial? It had many social media influencers which made it really entertaining. This showed the growth in technology and to date has more than 35m views.

Alexa in famous 2014 Superbowl Commercial

KFC’s apology
In 2018 KFC apologized to its customer for running out of chicken. Around 900 stores ran out of chicken and KFC went and apologized on a social platform by spelling KFC backward as ‘FCK’. This got a positive response from the customers as they openly admitted it was their fault.

KFC apologising for running out of chicken in UK

Tide Pods
Tide Pods went viral 2 years back because people found the new detergent in the shape of candy. People ate TidePods which caused harmful reaction to their body, So Tide had to tweet saying TidePods weren’t meant for consumption.

Tide Pods went viral because they were shaped like a candy

Always #Likeagirl
This was a video released by always showing different age groups and showing how they are treated in society. How like a girl is used as a negative phrase? This video had a strong message and it connected emotionally with its audience.

Always#Likeagirl went viral showing women can achieve anything

Some Products Why They Failed To Go Viral


All of us know the Pepsi video which went controversial all over the internet. Kendall Jenner starred in that advertisement where everyone criticised her for being there. Why was this a fail because Pepsi’s motto was to end racism and share a bottle of Pepsi with each other. It’s better for an organization to not speak up political issues in their advertisement like Pepsi did showing racism and police brutality.


Thanks to Rick and Morty McDonald’s decided to bring the famous Szechuan sauce for a day but they ran out because they underestimated the popularity of the famous TV series. There was another advertisement that went viral which showed mom and son discussing about their dad who died and found out both of them like Fish O Fillet burger.

Burger King

Burger King decided to release a campaign where the customers could see what ingredients do Burger King use. This was a hit until hackers came in and edited the ingredients adding harmful ingredients like cyanide. This turned out to be a big flop and they had pulled the campaign.


Viral Marketing can be adopted by businesses if they have a good understanding of social media. It should be only applied if the business has a good concept of content sharing because it can boost your sales and increase your reputation in front of the pubic.

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