New Marketing Strategy To Increase Profit

We are almost in 2020, at the end of the decade. Here is how you can promote your business using the New Year marketing strategy.

New Year is marked as the end of the previous year and a fresh start to the year. In India, the period from Diwali to New Year is considered to be a festive season and worldwide from Thanksgiving to New Year. As a businessman, you can use New Year’s to promote your business. Here are some ways you can promote your ways…..

New Year Marketing Strategy Tips

Business could use New Year marketing strategy to promote.

New product or service

The businessman can use the New Year countdown in order to create excitement among its customers. This can also be an example of viral marketing.

Business use end of season to clear their stock.

Sale Offers

All of you must have seen the end of the year sale. Businesses usually put offers in order to clear the unsold stock. Businessmen can get rid of their inventory.

Gifting loyal customers.

Gifts or Lucky draws

Businesses could gift their regular and loyal customers with their products or services or even a 2020 calendar. The businesses could even start lucky draws to attract more customers.

Throwing a party for customers.

Throw A Party/ Event

The businessmen could throw a party for all the businesses. From all their employers to competitors. A sponsorship party would be great. Businesses could organize an event for their customers

Business could throw contests in order to promote their business.


Businesses could run different contests on their social media or outlets. Where the company could just keep a small drawing contest for kids or photography contests on social media pages.


I wish you a Happy and prosperous New Year in advance. These were a few New Year marketing strategy that Businesses could use in order to promote their business. These could boost up the sales.

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