Difference Between Marketing and Sales

Sales are a transaction between two parties or the exchange of money for goods or services. Marketing, on the other hand, is awarding the audience about your product and satisfying their needs and wants. Simple as it is but when applied in an organization they are wider terms. How do these two work, are they related to each other, what is the goal of a marketer and a salesman in an organization and how is it different from each other?

Salesman and Marketer both share a common goal of converting prospects to loyal customers.

Definition of sales

It is a transaction between two or more parties like buyers and sellers, in which they exchange goods for monetary value. Salesmen whose job is to sell or promote a commercial product.

Steps involved in Sales
  1. Firstly, search for potential clients
  2. Research the demographic you’re trying to reach
  3. Grab the potential clients attention
  4. Present your product as “Problem Solver”
  5. When the customer walks in engage him by asking questions.
  6. Present your product by putting different case studies.


Steps involved in Marketing

Marketing is a planned process through which organizations primarily identify the needs of people and recognize target customers. Satisfy the needs of the customer by selling products and services and retaining them

  1. Identify the problem.
  2. Come up with a product or service that solves the customer’s problem.
  3. Market research.
  4. Identify your target audience
  5. Advertising the product

Difference between marketing and sales

MeaningIt is satisfying customer’s needs and wants through an exchanged process.It involves an exchange of money for
goods or services for an effort to
execute an exchange process.
InceptionIt starts before the decision of the production of goods and servicesIt starts after the decision of the production of goods and services.
EnvironmentInternal and external factors are taken into consideration (PESTEL)It takes into consideration external factors
Subject MatterThe importance is given to customer satisfactionProfit margin, sale of a product or to generate revenue
Targeta larger group is targeted in Marketing`Smaller groups are targeted in Selling.
FeedbackCriticism is appreciatedCriticism is usually ignored.

Most importantly despite these differences, they are interlinked with each other

Good marketing can generate sales


As a businessman or an entrepreneur if you lack skills of either one it is better to partner up with someone who possesses those skills. If you’re a salesman hire a marketer who can help you get your product to your potential customers. And if your a marketer you can hire a salesman who can help you sell your product to your potential customers. As we know both of these aspects are important for the long run of the business.

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