10 Facts Nobody Told You About IKEA

IKEA is a well known global brand. and it has more than 450 stores operating in 52 countries. IKEA is a Swedish company founded by Ingvar Kamprad in the year 1943. Last year IKEA has a revenue of $44.6 billion dollars. Last year January Ingavr passed away at the age of 91. His net worth at that time was 58.7 Billion dollars. Ikea designs and manufactures furniture, home appliances, and accessories. Most of us know IKEA but never these facts about IKEA

Facts About IKEA

IKEA is a acronym

IK are initals of the founder Ingvar Kamprad. E stands for Elmtaryd  (Farm he grew up in) and A stands for Agunnaryd (A small town in Sweden)

Products were named after owner found out he was dyslexic

Kamprad used to find it difficult to remember inventory and product names. Bookcases were named after occupations. Kitchen items were named after grammatical terms and garden furniture after swedish islands.

Top selling product

Their top selling product is Billy Bookshelf. They come in different sizes and colours. Every 10 seconds one Billy Bookshelf is sold.

IKEA uses 1% of world commercial wood  supply

IKEA has been heavily criticised for deforestation . IKEA own about 250 acres of land in Europe. In 2018 they purchased 2500 acres of land in Alabama,US.

Largest store in located in South Korea

In 2014 IKEA opened a gigantic 635 foot store in Seoul, South Korea. They wanted to accommodate 23 million people that lived in Seoul. They also had Korean Traditional Food.

They sell a billion meatballs in a year

Ingvar decided to have a restaurant in all their shops as no one likes to shop empty stomach. Being a Swedish company and we know how famous Swedish meatballs are .Their food sales make up about 5% of their revenue.

IKEA holds world record for biggest Gingerbread Man

In 2009 IKEA Norway set a world record for biggest gingerbread man. It weighed 651 kilograms and was baked in 1 go.

IKEA outlet in China encourages its customer to take naps

We all know how exhausting shopping can be. If your in China IKEA your lucky they encourage you to take naps on display beds.

IKEA is in 5 out of 7 continents

There are IKEA stores in 5 out of 7 continents. One of the continent is obviously Antarctica but the other one is South America. First store in South America is planned to launch in 2020 in Mexico.

They’ve built flat an apartment on rock climbing wall

On celebration of their 30th store in France. They built a vertical house on rock climbing as a campaign.

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